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  • What is the durability of wooden kitchenware?
    Wooden kitchenware can last a lifetime, just as long as they are cared for in the right way. They may however need a little sanding from time to time, so as to retain their sheen and remove marks and stains. Faux acajen wood is very high on mechanical strength and hence sturdy and durable.
  • What is the best way to clean wooden bowls and plates?
    Dishwashers are an absolute no-no when cleaning wooden bowls and plates! Instead, wash these in warm soapy water, quickly and after use. Pat them dry after washing them and leave them out to dry before putting them away.
  • How long does wooden cutlery last?
    Wooden platters are perfect for serving pizzas, sandwiches, nachos with salsa, a variety of cheese, fruit, breads, roast meats and desserts. Faux acacia wood is durable and tough and can be used for everyday slicing, dicing and serving.
  • Does regular washing lead to spoilage of products?
    Regular washing does not spoil the wooden utensil. But, it can lose its sheen and smoothness. Hence, it’s important to take regular care and wash these with warm soapy water. Every once in a while, rub a slice of lemon on the wooden utensil and air dry to eliminate any strong flavours that may have seeped in. Also, rubbing a little linseed oil will help retain shine.
  • How easily do wooden products dry, once washed?"
    Wooden products need to be patted dry as soon as they have been washed and then left open to air out. Any residual water can cause harm to the wood.
  • How do you store wooden cutlery?
    Store wooden cutlery, plates, trays, bowls and boards in a well-ventilated, dry and clean spot. They can be stored away in a kitchen drawer.
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