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4 Reasons to Switch to Wooden Kitchenware

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Modern-day restaurant kitchens are simmering cauldrons of some truly myriad collections of kitchenware, in addition to the exotic flavours and fragrances most expected. From serveware to cookware, cutlery and chopping boards, chefs around the world use a variety of tools in their kitchens. And, while plastic, steel and silicon do seem to be the popular ones, more recently, wooden kitchenware has in fact emerged as quite the favourite.

Wooden kitchenware looks beautiful and adds an interesting dimension to kitchens. But, that’s not the only reason to use these in your kitchens. They also present a host of practical advantages that makes switching from metal to wood very worthwhile. Need a little convincing? Read on to know more about how wood can transform your kitchens.

Wood is Durable

Wood is very difficult to break, and it doesn’t melt like plastic either. It’s extremely long lasting, just as long as you take proper care of it. And, durability is certainly what you need in busy restaurant kitchens, where pots and pans endure the extremities of heat and cold, sharp objects and much more. The best part is that you can remove burn stains and keep your kitchenware looking as good as new by sanding them from time to time. Naturally Yours offers some truly outstanding kitchenware such as bowls, trays, an array of serveware and cookware, all crafted in wood.

Liven Up Your Kitchens

Wooden pots and pans are very pleasing to the eye, to say the least. They look elegant and absolutely chic. A style statement, that’s for sure! Hang up some interesting looking pieces of wooden trays and chopping boards on hooks and watch even the busiest of kitchens transform into cosy and aesthetically designed spaces. We recommend you check out a delightful and uplifting wooden collection of bowls, trays and boards here!

It Doesn't Get Safer Than This

When you use wooden cookware in your kitchen, you are actually safeguarding yourself from the dangers of heat. Wood does not heat up, unlike steel, which can lead to burns when hot or plastic that will simply melt away. Wood is also an inert material. Which means, you can chop, cook, stir as many varieties of food types in it, and it will not react or emit harmful chemicals into your food, making it acidic. Since wooden surfaces are also porous, the chances of your kitchenware staining are also lower. However, to keep them looking almost brand new, you need to also care for them right. Warm water soap washes are recommended, to clean wooden surfaces and make them last longer, germ-free. Take a look at Naturally Yours’ stunning collection of wooden bowls, trays, serveware and cookware.

An Environmentally Better Choice

Wood is an environmentally sustainable choice to make. It is a natural and renewable material that does not leave a carbon footprint. Its durability allows you to use it for a much longer time in your kitchen, as compared to its use and throw counterparts in other materials. The kind of wood used for kitchenware could either be soft or hard, depending on the utility of the product. Naturally Yours uses a mix of acacia wood and rubber wood, to fashion bowls, serveware, cookware, trays, etc., that will add a dash of élan to your kitchen, even while you make an environmentally conscious choice.

Still thinking about the kind of kitchenware you need in your kitchen? Take a look at what Naturally Yours has to offer to culinary professionals such as you!


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