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Floor Your Guests: A Guide to Treating Your Guests in Style

With higher disposable incomes and changing lifestyles, restaurants, and cafes today are places that diners visit, not just to eat or fulfill their hunger pangs; but they also visit these for the overall experience and ambiance they offer. Hence, more than ever now, it has become vital for hospitality brands, restaurants, and cafes to provide their guests with elevated experiences that go beyond mere dining experiences. Tableware and serveware or the décor of the space, are just some ways in which hospitality brands can differentiate themselves and enhance their guests’ culinary journeys.

As a restaurateur, one of the most important things that you focus on is the quality of the food being churned out of your kitchen. But did you know that equally important is the plate or serveware you present your precious culinary creations in?

As the manager of a large hotel or a boutique resort would you rather not focus on providing your guests a comfortable stay, or perhaps treat them to a luxurious spa, both marked with some of your signature goodies they’ll cherish?

There are many ways in which you can ensure that your guests carry back with them, a taste of the wonderful experience they’ve had at your restaurant or hotel. Here are a few tips to amp up your game!

1. Baskets of Goodies by the Bedside: Who doesn’t love a good surprise? So, why not surprise your hotel guests with a pretty rattan basket, filled with delicious goodies? Tell them how happy you are that they chose to stay with you. A gift hamper basket, filled with delicious treats, will never disappoint!

2. A Relaxing Spa Experience: Nothing spells style and luxury like a plush spa. But, there’s always room to make it a truly memorable and extravagant experience for your guests! A stunning willow basket should do the trick. All you need to do is stock up the basket with the most indulgent products they’ll cherish and then, let them soak themselves in utter luxury!

3. Woodenware to Set the Mood Right: As the owner of a lovely cafe, there's a lot you can do to make your customers feel welcome. And you can begin with the Gypsy Queen, by Naturally Yours! A contemporary sandwich board made in Acacia wood, this platter is sure to have your guests hanging on for much longer!

4. Make Food Special and Moments Memorable: The secret to a great meal lies in the culinary talent your chef presents. But, there is yet another element that makes the entire dining experience memorable; the plating of the food itself! And when it comes to elegant serveware and tableware, wood makes a lot of sense. Wooden trays, serving boards, plates, salad bowls, the list is endless and there’s a lot you can choose from.



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