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5 Top Uses of Baskets for Every Need, Decor and Occasion

Everybody loves a well-crafted basket! Baskets have the ability to add tons of cheer to every kind of space and bring in much needed summery vibes. If you thought baskets can be used only to carry items from one place to another, think again! Centuries after they were invented for specific purposes of transporting goods, storing harvest and gathering the laundry, baskets have evolved into prized possessions of décor too. While we continue to use baskets for storage, it’s very easy to get creative and use them in a manner that will enliven even kind of space and occasion. At Naturally Yours, we are on a mission to make every living and workspace more cosy, beautiful and lively, with our range of wicker, bamboo and rattan baskets.

Here are 5 ways in which you can use our baskets around your home, your office or hotel. Read on!

1. A Pretty Display for Toiletries: If you are in the business of managing and running a boutique hotel, this one’s surely going to tick all the right boxes for you! A rattan basket for toiletries works great for home settings as well as hotels; either way, it leaves everyone mesmerized! All you need to do is stack a bunch of some of the most indulgent toiletries in a deep rattan basket, along with some soft towels. Voila, step into a luxurious world of self-pampering!

2. A Basket for Every Picnic: Ever thought about those idyllic green pasture settings in old Hollywood films, where people set off on lovely picnics with hampers full of delicious food in tow? Now, you can recreate the same experience, with Naturally Yours’ wicker baskets! All you need to do is find yourself a pretty picnic spot and fill our basket with everything that delights and watch yourself go! Alternatively, our wicker baskets serve as truly inspiring decorative pieces too that you can place strategically about your home, spa or resort.

3. Use ‘Em for Stacking and Storage: Newspapers and magazines can make quite a mess when collected over time. In an office set up, it’s hard to avoid paper, as much as you try! Bamboo baskets by Naturally Yours are a great way to avoid clutter and make your space look clean and neat. Use these baskets creatively to stack up old magazines, the paper that can be reused, or store office stationery. And if you need some more inspiration, place a pretty potted plant inside one of these baskets and set it up on the window sill to smile away in the sunlight!

4. Gifts Like None Other: Did you know that baskets make for some excellent gift packaging ideas? Save yourself the trouble of struggling with wrapping paper and tape. Get your hands on one of Naturally Yours rattan boxes, complete with lids and use it to ‘wrap’ your gift. In fact, you can choose a box of your size - small, medium or large, depending on the number of gifts or the size of the gift you wish to place into the box! Finish off with a pretty ribbon on top and we guarantee your gift will be the talk of the party!

5. Hold Up the Towels: Hotel rooms or personal bedrooms, towels tend to take up plenty of storage space! So, how about using a basket of two to stack them up and make your space looks cheery too? Baskets as towel holders make bathrooms look neater and chirpier. They are a great idea for your guest room too – saves your guest the trouble of asking you for a towel every time. Our rattan baskets will certainly fit the bill!



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