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Why Acacia Wood Kitchenware Makes Sense

People have used wooden kitchenware since the very beginning of time, fashioning bowls, plates, trays, spoons and spatulas from it. Apart from its obviously natural aesthetic value, wood is also perfect for making a variety of kitchen tools due to its several advantages. It is an extremely durable material and lasts a long time, if cared for right. It’s safe since it does not conduct heat, and kitchenware crafted from wood can be very comfortable to handle.

Different kinds of wood serve different purposes. When choosing a line of wooden kitchenware for restaurants and commercial kitchens, where wear and tear are high, it makes sense to choose hardwood such as Acacia, Rubber wood or Faux Acajen wood. Of these, Acacia wood, native to Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and also obtained from the thorny Babul tree in India, wins hands down!

Read on, to know why kitchenware made of Acacia wood is capable of bringing your kitchens and restaurants to life.

Strong and Durable

Acacia wood is extremely durable and made to endure extreme wear and tear. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for commercial kitchens, where kitchen tools are hurled from one end to another. Since it’s a hardwood, Acacia also endures everyday slicing, dicing and serving, making it the right choice for kitchenware. To ensure longevity, kitchen tools made of Acacia needs to be hand-washed in warm water.

Great for Salad Bowls

Characteristic of many hardwoods, Acacia too is best suited for crafting beautiful salad bowls. This is because, the density of Acacia makes it ideal for serving ingredients with high water content. Explore the exquisite salad bowl collection by Naturally Yours!

Looks Great

Kitchenware made from Acacia wood adds a touch of elegance and style to kitchens and restaurant tables. Chopping boards, serving boards, plates and platters, salad bowls, and myriad other kitchen and serveware look absolutely stunning both inside the kitchen as well as on table tops. Varying in colour from light amber to dark, almost mahogany, to earthy tones, Acacia displays a deep, rich and natural grain that also adds a rustic charm to cooking, serving and dining experiences. Check out the entire range of Acacia kitchenware by Naturally Yours!

Hygiene First

Wooden chopping boards receive far fewer cuts than do plastic boards, causing lesser or almost negligible bacteria and left-over food from getting lodged into the cuts and grooves. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, hardwood, especially Acacia, is incredibly perfect for crafting slicing boards. Explore the chopping board collection by Naturally Yours!

A Natural and Renewable Wood

When you use bowls, trays, plates and platters made from Acacia wood, you are also part of a sustainable journey that ensures less trees are felled for wood. Acacia grows fast when replanted, because of which running out of wood is not easy, in the process ensuring that forests remain intact.

Great Quality at an Affordable Price

One of the USPs of Acacia wood is the price tag that its products bear. As compared to other high-quality hardwood such as Teak, Rosewood, etc., Acacia is very affordable. Hence, it makes sense to source Acacia kitchenware in bulk, to equip your kitchen with only the finest of bowls, trays, plates and boards. Get in touch with Naturally Yours to place your bulk orders.

For kitchenware that is durable, good looking, comes at a great price point and is relatively easy to maintain, Acacia wood ticks all the right boxes and is an ideal choice. Keep your kitchen and table tops looking sharp and snazzy at all times!



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