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5 Kitchen Essentials to Ace Your Festive Table Spread

It’s that time of the year, when restaurant kitchens turn into simmering cauldrons of excitement and hotels get all set to deck the halls and welcome guests into their warm cosy hallways. This is where the magic of the festive season unfolds. So, add a dash of yuletide magic and some joy to your festive menu and be the perfect hosts! We tell you how you can make it even more special for your guests, with just 5 wooden kitchenware essentials!

Cake Stands: Warm the hearts of your guests with Christmas puddings served ever so elegantly. This impeccably crafted serveware is made from Acacia wood and is sure to turn heads at every table. All natural, the ‘Aphrodite’ cake stand is certainly our favourite for merry times to come. We recommend, you do check it out here.

Bowls and Boards: Set the mood right with some stunning serving bowls and boards. From salads to peanuts and pizzas to tacos or a lovely portion of grilled meat, your exquisite culinary creations are sure to look splendid in wooden bowls such as ‘The Grand Canyon’ and on boards like the ‘Italian Elegance’. Crafted in Acacia wood, these sure have some merry treats in store for your guests. Here’s how you can add some joy to the season of gifting.

Trays: Holiday eats, and festive bites look even more gorgeous when laid out in elegant wooden serving trays. Choose from a variety of wooden trays to brighten up tables, though we vouch entirely for the Tropical Island mango-shaped tray in acacia wood. Certainly, the perfect accessory to plate your culinary creations on! Check out the collection here.

Plates and Platters: Usher in some winter warmth with stylish serving plates and platters. Our all-natural, wooden plates, boards and bowls are absolute crowd pleasers and are sure to spread magic, warmth and love. Festive tables just got even more special! Don’t believe us,? Explore the collection now!

Cutting Boards: With much of the action happening outside the kitchen, ever wondered about the level of commotion that takes place inside the kitchen? Order being read out, meals being prepped, servers bring food out to joyful and hungry guests. Our kitchenware makes it a little easier to deal with your yuletide preps! Cutting boards crafted ever so elegantly in Acacia wood, are perfect to get you organised with all your preps. We recommend you take a look at our stunning collection here.

There is no better time than now, to get party-ready. We assure you, your guests will love every bit of it! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, we are only a click away



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